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If you’re looking for some help finding your engagement ring, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, this site will show you what to look for, what really matters and how to get your dream ring without getting the wool pulled over your eyes, your pants pulled down or any other uncomfortable-sounding metaphors.

It’ll eliminate the uncertainty and stress of buying a ring, save you money and make sure you get your perfect ring for the best possible price. So you start your engagement in the best possible way – with an incredible ring and an ecstatic fiancée.


I’m Alastair and a few years ago now, I was in the same situation you are now. I had found someone that I wanted to get married to, to settle down and grow old with, and I was looking for an engagement ring.

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd and love to dig deep into everything I buy, so I started my engagement ring research online. What I found was that there was very little impartial information out there to help me cut through the marketing BS and help me make an informed decision. Sure there was some info on jewelers’ sites, but I kind of thought that that was like taking advice on a second hand car from a used car salesman.

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Before I felt comfortable buying my ring, I read two technical books on diamonds, a whole load of forum posts and pretty much everything else on the internet. I talked to a friend’s wife who is a jeweler, quizzed a family friend who is a gemologist and ended up looking on three separate continents – in Australia, the US and in the UK.

It took me 6 months, but by the time it came to buying the ring, I knew exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted to pay for it. And I got a great result – I spent less than my friends, and less than I originally budgeted, but ended up with an eye-popping ring that Faith (my ladyfriend) loved. I nailed it.

Since then we’ve got married and I decided that I wanted to help other couples get their perfect ring.

I studied to earn a certificate on diamonds from the world’s foremost authority on precious stones (the GIA), wrote a book called ‘How To Buy An Engagement Ring‘  and built this website, with the aim of provide the best place for people to research and find their perfect engagement ring.

It’s a place for people to come and find out what they need to know, ask me questions if they want to, and then find their dream ring at the very best possible price.


Testimonials which make me blush a bit:

I absolutely love getting happy emails from guys telling me that their proposal went perfectly, their new fiancée loved her ring and that my website or advice contributed to it.

A bit soppy? Maybe, but I also have a beard, play the drums and once caught an otter with my bare hands, so I think that makes up for it. Here are a few I’ve received lately:

  • I came across Ringspo while trying to find a diamond online for an engagement ring. It is not a simple purchase and there is lots of info to take on board to make the right decision.I also spoke to quite a few other online specialists that help people find diamonds and engagement rings but the service from this website stood out a mile in comparison.Alastair provided detailed guidance, explanations and help together with lots of patience needed for answering what must seem like very simple questions from me.There is a wealth of free literature on the website that even by itself is sufficient to give you a sound knowledge base.In the end Ringspo helped me find the perfect diamond within my budget. I would recommend any guy looking to buy that special ring to make their first port of call!
    MSLondon, UK
  • After trawling through the Internet and doing some research I had the chosen the setting but having no previous experience when purchasing jewellery never mind diamonds I then contacted Alastair. From my initial email and all future correspondence the responses I received were extremely efficient , understandable and personal. Overall a great service provided by Alastair. I would highly recommend contacting this website if you are unsure or are having difficulty with any problems when buying your future engagement ring. The end result of my chosen setting and the knowledgeable responses and diamond selection was fantastic. Everyone has since commented on the diamond and ring. Thanks for your help.
    GBDublin, Ireland
  • She said yes, lol
    GLDallas, USA

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