Want to know how you can save big on your engagement ring?

Knowing where to buy and what to look for you can save thousands on the cost of your ring.

Check this out.

Engagement ring with round brilliant diamond

This ring is a 1 carat diamond, colour E, with a VS1 clarity.

Don’t worry if those stats confuse you, just remember that it’s a 1 carat rock.

How much would the diamond cost do you think?

Let’s have a look at an online retailer

Round diamond

The diamond is coming in at $9,070.


Now, what would you say if I told you that you could get a stone the exact same size and of the same quality, from the exact same retailer, but for 40% less, if only you knew what to look for?

Would you be interested?

Let’s make a quick tweak to the stone, and change it to an oval shape.

Again, it’s a 1 carat diamond, with colour E and VS1 clarity.

What’s the price now?

Oval Shape Engagement Ring


Now the rock is $5,530

That’s a reduction of $3,450, just for tweaking the shape

Instant 40% reduction in price.

40% of however much you were planning on spending on your engagement ring, just by making one tiny tweak.

Easy, huh?

So why the big difference?

I’m glad you asked

Round stones are more popular than ovals.

More popular means they’re more in demand, which pushes the price up.


Is this information publicised by jewelers?

Hell no!

They don’t want you to know how easy it is to save big money on your ring.

Would your girl be 40% less pleased with her ring?

Hell no!

She’ll have a pic up on Instagram before you can say ‘hashtag he asked I said yes’


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